Catching Up

It’s been a while since I’ve posted new content on this blog, for a couple of reasons. One, things have been busy in the category of “doing what I do for a living,” which doesn’t include writing this book. Two, I’ve been maintaining a state of neutral observance regarding the digital media’s coverage of the US election cycle. It’s inevitable that, at some point, I’ll need to address the whole Trump/Clinton/Sanders spectacle and the role that the Internet played in its outcome. God help me.

In September, I presented an abstract of my research thus far at an academic conference in Chicago. I usually don’t participate in such things, mostly because I tend to adhere to the philosophy that academic conferences are time-wasting echo chambers. However, I did feel as if I needed to pressure-test the book’s themes in front of an audience and gauge their response. The feedback was reasonably positive and constructive, with one recommendation that I more fully explore the role that misogyny plays in dictating online behavior. Although I’ve certainly touched upon this, I could do a better job of explicitly underscoring this attribute as a common thread in my narrative.

Presenting in front of a group is something I’d like to do more often in 2017. My last book, Digital Outcasts, certainly generated positive lift during my rigorous speaking schedule from 2009-2014. It’s not unlikely that I’ll be looking to expand public awareness around Pixel Pushers in the coming months.

Anyway, here’s what I can reveal with regard to progress on the book itself: one way or another, the first draft will be completed within the first half of 2017. I don’t yet have a publisher, but I’m working with an agent to field opportunities (including self-publication). My office worktable has six stacks of researched material, and each stack is several inches tall. The excavation has begun in earnest. I’ve also created a Twitter account for the book, which I suppose is what people do today.