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Kel Smith, author of "Pixel Pushers"Kel Smith is the author of the book Digital Outcasts: Moving Technology Forward Without Leaving People Behind, published by Elsevier/Morgan Kaufmann, which explores the historical influence that people with disabilities have on design innovation. His published articles have appeared in The World Future Review, Journal of Strategic Foresight, The Information Society, Intercom Magazine, International Journal of E-Politics, User Experience Magazine and The Practical Lawyer, among others. He lives and works in Philadelphia and New York City. Pixel Pushers is his third book and second as sole author.

Praise for Digital Outcasts

Digital Outcasts Cover“Starting off with a set [of] excellent introductory chapters to the worlds of accessibility, disability, demographics and attitudes, this book is very readable throughout. Kel Smith obviously knows his stuff … This is a wise book that accepts that disability, like ability, is abounding with nuances and variation, and Smith admits that it is behaviour that has to be focused upon rather than any device. Kel Smith draws this excellent book to a close with the ethics surrounding the technology, along with current and future developments, but as is underlined throughout, it is down to all of us to bring about inclusive innovation.”

~Dr. Mick Phythian MBCS, CITP, BCS Chartered Institute for IT (9/10)

“Kel Smith makes a significant contribution to the subject of user experience in this easily read but important treatise. Written in a broad nontechnical style, the book makes a compelling case for universal design, a concept far more expansive than the more common notion of handicapped-accessible technology. The information here will be challenging and profitable, not only for designers but also for anyone associated with advancing computer technology … Smith asks us to rethink the meaning of design and consider how we might make our designs seamlessly inclusive.”

~Brad Reid, ACM Computing Review (Editor’s Pick)

“Where this book succeeds the most is in its ability to cast accessibility as an inclusive design principle—which, if properly wielded, could lead to revolutionary technologies that addresses the needs of all populations. While illustrating this again and again, [Smith] returns to the foremost concern that matters when we consider product design: be it web sites, mobile applications, neural interfaces, devices in new, unforeseen categories, or revisions to existing products or services, there is simply one thing that cannot be forgotten—that is ‘people.’”

~Pratik Patel, EZ Fire

“While the accessibility of technology is getting better every year, there are still many challenges ahead. Digital Outcasts: Moving Technology Forward without Leaving People Behind articulately and passionately details the groundwork, itemizes what needs to be done, and implores the reader to do something to ensure this trend continues. This book is an important read for everyone.”

~Ben Rothke, Slashdot


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